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Recognise the concepts and methodology of the learnings


Restate the learnings of concepts and methodology


Apply the restated learnings through practice


Examine yourself in the practice


Create new models of your learnings through practice


Assess yourselves in the final outcome of the learnings that you mastered.


“The Secret to Getting Ahead is Getting Started“

Danush suresh (II PUC, 2017-2018, Accountancy)

Ramesh sir was my first ever accounts teacher, and ended up being my favourite.He taught all concepts clearly and made sure we understood it. He would make even the toughest of problems so simple to understand, it makes accounts seem so  simple. They say you end up loving the subject because of the teacher, this was  exactly my case. He’s very humble, friendly and approachable and always clears any doubt a student has!..


Esha Jain (class 10 ICSE, 2019)

A very hardworking and a wonderful sir one can have and definitely my favourite of all times, PRABHAT SIR.

You were always there to help me out in maths and I definitely started scoring much more because of you.

All thanks to you for being there and clearing out all our doubts every time.

You were more like a friend who never made us feel that tuitions are not only meant for studying but sometimes fun too.

I would give all the credits to you for me passing with such nice Marks in maths from ICSE. Thank you for getting out the best in us sir.

9 Mohan

Mohan (II PUC,2016-2018, Business Studies)

Honestly saying, since we got Ramesh sir to teach us Business studies was very grateful. Sir helped me in giving lots of confidence and logic for scoring 100 marks in hid subject.

I was able to understand efficiently and his experience, vision and empowerment towards the students were good.

Thanks to Ramesh sir teaching me and helping to gain lots of things in the subject.

8 Vikram Venkatesh

Vikram Venkatesh (II PUC, 2017-2018, Accountancy)

Thank you so much for 2 wonderful years of learning sir, you taught us the basics and, in any subject, when your basics are strong, you can play the game well. More than teaching, you connected with us like a friend, which helped many of us to love the subject. From the first class, till the board exam, you made sure all my doubts were cleared. So yeah, thanks a lot.

7 Mohit

Mohit P R(II PUC, 2018-2020, Accountancy)

A teacher whose knowledge is extremely good. The way she teaches and interact with the students is very helpful. Her experience makes her to handle the students properly. She tries to understand the student’s problem and helps them whenever they are in need. She develops student’s career and brings out their talents.

6 sandesh

Sandesh P (II PUC, 2017-19, Accountancy)

In class the best accounts teacher and outside class, A friend in need. It’s great to see how visible and accessible you were around the college for all the discussions and the problems we had in life.

5.Narayan Valecha

Narayan Valecha (II-PUC ,2018-20 Accountancy)

Having you as a teacher has been an immense pleasure in SJPUC, it is not often that students find such friendly teacher. Thank you for always being there for anything even apart from studies you have helped a lot in all extracurricular activities the support, knowledge and inspiration you have given me over the years are priceless. I will never stop being in your debt, Sir Thank you so much

4 stephen

Stephen (II-PUC ,2015-17 Accountancy)

You are more of a friend than a teacher to me. It is because of you that I found it easy, when the other lecturer was teaching it was really difficult to understand. Your flow of teaching is much simpler and understanding when compared to others. And more importantly the pace of teaching is really good, not too fast and not too slow.

3.Sam Stanley

Sam Stanley (II-PUC, Commerce)

Ramesh sir, he is just amazing when he teaches. He dives deep into the topic and gives real life examples related to topic which helps each of his student to understand every bit of the concept, and only once everyone has understood the concept he goes further. Having said this his portions are completed way before the dead line and have enough time to go back to the area where we want little more explanation. He was available all the time to clear my doubts and has never stopped me from exploring. He keeps the class interactive and gives a platform to air out our concerns related to subject. The reason I scored good in his subject was because of the level of difficulty in the question paper he sets and the correction is done. Though some answers of mine where to the point sir taught me how to frame the answer properly make my point clear to the examiner, this helps me even today.

2 Vishamaya Yadav

Vishamaya Yadav (II PUC Science, 2019)

Myself Vismayaa when I was in 2pu I was very weak in mathematics…I used to work hard so much on maths but I could score more marks. My parents sent me to Prabhat sir…he really thought me well…showed some easy methods made me understand each and every step very well…he started preparing me very well in maths so that all the concepts started to become easier…n I started scoring good marks in maths also…at the end of the year he gave me some previous year questions papers also which helped me alot in gaining good marks …I thank Prabhat sir so much for helping out in my subjects.

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